Marketing Your Home to the 55+

The baby boomers are retiring and many of the 77 million people that make up this demographic are going to be thinking about changing their residence. What are you doing to attract them to your property? Aiming at an older demographic can pay off in a quick home sale at a good price.

The first thing to remember that, while there still are those who prefer to sit out on the porch and knit, many of these boomers have been accustomed to leading active lives and are not planning to give that up. They are not looking for the rocking chair on the veranda just yet. This is why homes and communities geared towards the 55 and over are gaining such a foothold in the country. The soon-to-be senior are not going to be content to stay at home; they want to be out swimming, walking, running, dancing and engaging in social events. Most of them have no children to care for and have a lot of time to fill.

A home near educational opportunities, coffee shops, gyms and shopping is also desirable to this generation. This is the demographic that first popularized the fitness centre. Play up any amenities, like swimming pools and saunas, that will appeal to the active retiree. Today’s seniors are more interested in broadening their horizons with classes, social events and volunteering, so any local institutions that offer these activities are going to be a plus.

A walkable neighborhood is something you should advertise at every opportunity. Seniors today are more aware of health issues than previous generations and a home that is close to amenities and is attractive and safe to walk in will be a definite attraction. Walk around the home yourself and note any interesting features or convenient shops that would be of interest. Parks are also a popular strolling destination.

A safe neighborhood is on the list for just about everybody, but especially people who feel they can’t defend themselves as well as in former years. Play up any crime statistics that prove your neighborhood is low on crime.

The ideal home for many seniors is one that will accommodate them as they grow older. Wider doorways, few steps, and handrails in the bathrooms are a few attractive features that will encourage someone to buy with an eye to future retirement. Sometimes a relatively inexpensive renovation can mean that your home catches the eye of people looking for a place to spend their retirement years.

Above all, never assume anything about your senior prospective buyer. Treat them like you would any other prospective buyer and use the information they drop to guide them towards the sterling qualities of your home that will suit them.